Come and tryHillclimb

What is Hillclimb?

 The short story is that Hillclimb is a Motor Sport Speed event and the best fun you can have sitting down with a seat belt on!

The more detailed one is that in Motor Sport terms Hillclimb is a speed event, where one car and driver runs over a defined course against the clock.  In competition cars are classified into categories so as to even out the contest and having cars of like potential performance running against each other.  However, the real contest is the individual one where each driver tries on each run to improve their individual time i.e.,the hill and the clock v's the car and the driver.

 What sort of car may I compete in?

 Any sort of car may run in competition as long as it passes a safety check.  So your daily driver is OK.  Some particular categories have more defined requirements – though to start with an ordinary car will do.

What is a come and try Hillclimb?

Come and Try is the opportunity for those who have never competed at a Hillclimb to participate at low cost and minimal requirements.  You will require a car that is in safe and roadworthy condition but does not have to be road registered.  Clothing of non synthetic fabric (wool or cotton) that covers your from neck to ankle and wrist.  Shoes and socks not sandals should be worn.  You will need to run with an approved and unmarked Crash Helmet. If you do not possess one you may wish to borrow one from a friend or it may be possible for you to borrow one on the day.

 An entry form will need to be completed through the Sporting Car Club of SA Inc 51 King William Street Unley – forms may be down loaded from the SCCSA web site at the Document Download key) before the event.  There is an entry fee of $ 55.00 paid prior to close of entries as defined on the Supplementary regulations and Entry Form. Should there be places still available in the field of 75, late entries may be considered at the increased fee of $65.00. This fee includes a honorary membership of the Sporting Car Club Inc.  If you do not hold a CAMS licence already you can purchase a day licence for $25 when lodging your entry. The fee covers administration costs and insurance and is a considerable concession to that normally applying.  We normally plan to conduct two Come and Try Hillclimb per year. One is held at the Start of the season (say April) and the other around the middle of the year (July) Dates may be found on the CAMS calendar or the Sporting Car Club of SA web page (Hillclimb).

 On the day you need to be at Collingrove Hillclimb –Hillclimb Road Mount Mc Kenzie by around 8:30 am.  You will find Hillclimb Road about 9 KM’s south of Angaston on the Eden Valley Road. You may Google Hillclimb Road Mt McKenzie for a map. (-34°33' 34.93", +139° 5' 47.03)

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 The day starts with a safety inspection of the car and helmet (Scrutineering) this is followed by a Drivers Briefing from the Clerk of the Course.  You will be invited to have a slow pace inspection of the Hillclimb track prior to competition commencing.  You can expect around 6 runs.  The number will depend on the events of the day; for instance, if there are recoveries to be done this slows the programme.  Probably the first run will be a single car on the track, other runs may have two cars both being timed simultaneously.  With two cars running at a time more runs are possible. First time Competitors will find that after the middle of the day they could expect to become tired or even feel exhausted, should this happen to you,you would be well advised to call it a day. We find most participants have a great time and are keen to continue onin the sport.  The last run could be expected to take place somewhere around 3:30 PM.

 Hillclimbers are a friendly and welcoming lot.  You will have the chance to meet and talk to some regular competitors on the day that may be willing to coach you and to discuss techniques – even to share some of their secrets.  You will certainly come away having had a great experience and with a better knowledge of the mystery of the dark art of hill climbing.

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