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SUPERCHARGED  ,Daihatsu G11 2door.[1984] 

AMR 500 supercharger...Running 8lb boost on blow Offvalve.Still street legal as they were sold in Turbo form in OZ. Using turboengine [rebuilt] 8 to1 comp.Turbo [400kg]clutch, Double A section  beltdrive on all pulleys. Retrimmed G11r seats.

Suspension: lowered 50mm, upratedand shorter  springs.,25mm front sway bar,22mm rear sway bar.Drives likea kart.Weighs 700kg.

 Spares include 13x6 alloywheels fitted with Avon ACB 10 F/F tyres. CB60 turbo engine and transmissionwith lightened flywheel . $2,500

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