Collingrove Doug Lehmann Evo
Douglas Lehmann in His Evo setting the class record!    Photo Ron Jonhnson
Fast MG ever at Colligrove
Fastet MG ever at Collingrove John Kemp                       Photo Ron Johnston
Norm Goodall Porsche
Norm Goodall Porsche at work                                           Photo Ron Johnston
Daniel Day 14 year old on the Hill
Daniel Day 14 years old and learning the hill very well indeed  Photo Rom Johnston
Jason Ratsch our fastest Formula V record holder
Jason Ratsch Record Holder Formula V                                    Photo Ron Johnston
Melissa Ford Collingroves fastest Vet!                                Photo Ron Johnson
Serg Deluca
Serg Deluca in the Anglia                                               Photo Ron Johnson
Stan Ward Elfin Historic
Stan Ward in his beloved Elfin a veteran at work!           Photo Ron Johnson
Chris Redin in His Imaculate Mazda
Chris Redin lifting the inside wheel                                    Photo Ron Johnson
Peter Hall 260Z Datsun Collingrove
Peter Hall Datsun 260Z record Holder                                 Photo Ron Johnson