Hillclimb is one of the oldest forms of competitive motor sport and enjoys a strong following throughout Australia. The essence of hillclimbing is that it is a single car on the track at a time running against the clock. The tracks used are sometimes dedicated hillclimb venues, or often short sections of closed public roads that have been upgraded for the purpose. Hillclimbs cater for nearly every category of CAMS recognised vehicle and vary from standard road cars through to dedicated and specialist hillclimb cars exhibiting the pinnacle of motor sport technology from around the world.
Part of the skill involved in hillclimbing is learning to drive the car quickly without the opportunity to warm tyres and brakes. It therefore proves to be an invaluable training ground for drivers in all aspects of car control.
Most States conduct State Championship hillclimb events and the Australian Hillclimb Championship is held each year on a rotating host State basis. There are also dozens of Club and Multi-Club levels events held around the country every year.
Drivers must be at least 14 years of age to participate in hillclimbs and hold a Level 2 Speed licence.
The Collingrove track is owned by Members of the The Sporting Car Club of SA